Where is the church?
The church is in South Tulsa on 81st St. between Sheridan and Memorial. You can't miss it. Click here to view us on a map.

What should I expect if I attend a church service and what do people wear?
You can find out more about our services here.  However, all of our services are about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Most people wear business casual, but you will see people in their Sunday best and in jeans & t-shirts. Come as you are!

Is it okay to bring my children into the worship service?
Yes, this is not a problem. Some young children may find it difficult to leave their parents in an unfamiliar setting. Yet we believe our children's ministry, in the long run, is the best place for helping the children of Tulsa Central learn more about God. We hope that families who begin to attend our church will come to appreciate the value of their children developing close friendships with their peers in the context of the local church.

How long has Tulsa Central existed?
We were founded in 1936 out of the Church of the Nazarene and have moved through several locations in Tulsa.  

What Bible version do you use?
The version most commonly used at Tulsa Central is the New International Version, one of the most widely used versions today. We also use other versions of the Bible and believe that translation does matter.  The New Revised Standard Version is one that we highly recommend.

Who leads the church?
Our church is led by our pastoral staff and church board.

What does your church believe and what if I do not agree?
Tulsa Central is a part of the Church of the Nazarene denomination.  Our beliefs can be found in our articles of faith and in our church constitution for more in-depth doctrinal issues that we face from time to time. Our teaching is based upon what God says in the Bible and we certainly hope that it will be embraced by everyone. However, we expect that not everyone will agree with everything we teach. We do ask that you accept what we believe, even if you do not agree. What we mean by "accept" is that you will allow us to teach our beliefs without opposing us. We ask this not because we cannot be wrong but rather for the sake of the unity of the church. We are willing and eager to discuss doctrinal issues with everyone who attends Tulsa Central Church.

Do you have something for children and youth?
Yes, Tulsa Central values children and youth. You may either view our web pages for our children's ministry and youth ministry, or simply contact the church office (918-252-5483) for more information.