Our History

Our History

In early 1936, a vision began to stir in the hearts and minds of three families. Over the course of the next few months, a series of prayer meetings and planning sessions were held that culminated on July 22, 1936 with the Tulsa Central Church of the Nazarene.

For the first couple of years, Tulsa Central met in rented facilities (a renovated dance hall) until it was able to purchase land just north of downtown Tulsa at the corner of 13th & N. Denver. The hand of blessing was upon the church, and it quickly grew to become a very vibrant church fellowship.

In the years since, Central has relocated twice—in the early 60’s to the midtown area, and in the early 80’s to its current location on twenty acres in south Tulsa on 81st Street between Sheridan & Memorial. During those years, the church has also been selfless in surrendering people and resources to establish and build other congregations in the metro Tulsa area and around the world.  Launching five churches locally in Tulsa and a school overseas in the Dominican Republic.

And the hand of blessing that was so evident in the life of the church in its formative days is still upon the church. While people have come and gone, and the generational torch has passed from one generation … to another … and yet another, the “corporate DNA” of warmth, genuineness, and a welcoming spirit of acceptance has remained in place over the years. God has intervened on a number of occasions, demonstrating without a doubt that Tulsa Central is an important part of His Kingdom plans for this community.

While the church has a legacy and heritage to be happy about, and a rich foundation of faithfulness to build upon, what’s more exciting and engaging is the wonderful future God is calling the church to embrace. The best days of Tulsa Central are ahead of us, and there’s a place for you to be a part of this incredible journey.