Discovery Kingdom Preschool at Central is a non-profit, weekday, outreach ministry of Tulsa Central’s Children’s Department. It is one of the oldest preschool programs in South Tulsa. Central's first preschool class began in November of 1981. We seek to provide the basic building blocks for your child’s future success socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through developmentally appropriate experiences. We seek to touch a child’s heart by modeling that faith in God through Jesus is a part of their lives every minute of every day.


Central Kids is our ministry to children from age’s birth to 6th grade. We are a Nazarene Safe facility that loves our children and invests ourselves into their spiritual development. Our focus is to give every child the opportunity to Explore, Discover, and Dream. All ages are encouraged to Explore God’s Word in a whole new way, Discover new and exciting things about God, and Dream BIG dreams. If you join us for one of our gathering times, be prepared to experience God in ways you may have never before!


Central Youth is our ministry to youth from grades 7 - 12. We intentionally form a community for teens to make connections, grow in their faith and live a life of worship. Our focus is to live our mission statement Belong, Believe, Become. We believe faith is best lived our in community and seek to provide a place for students to belong, spur them on toward belief, and enable them to become more like Jesus. Every Wednesday nights at 6:30pm we meet for games, student-led worship, preaching, and small groups.


La Iglesia del Nazareno Campamento de Dios es una Iglesia Cristiana, cuya misión es predicar el evangelio de Jesucristo a toda creatura, como lo establece la orden del mismo señor Jesús a sus discípulos en el libro de San Marcos 16:15 “Y les dijo: Id por todo el mundo y predicad el evangelio a toda criatura.”

• Cumplir la gran comisión de Jesucristo haciendo discípulos, multiplicando y desarrollando una iglesia de santidad, según las doctrinas y principios bíblicos de la Iglesia del Nazareno

• Una Iglesia Del Nazareno viva, unida, santa, creciente que ofrezca su identidad, que impacta la comunidad a través de la compasión y el amor de Cristo, comprometida con la formación de discípulos y la evangelización del mundo

Special Needs

JAM (or Jesus and Me) exists to welcome people with disabilities at Central Church and want ALL people who walk through our doors to be included in the spiritual instruction, care, and community of the church. We offer a developmental disabilities friendly church-time at 10:30am on Sunday mornings. Upstairs we have a sensory room where students can swing, bounce, roll on a scooter board, play at the sand table, or bury themselves in bean bag chairs.  Students with special needs have an area dedicated to getting their sensory needs met.  

Worship Arts

Just as God made people for food and water and warmth, He made us for thanksgiving, praise, reverence, and awe. And just as it is God’s nature to overflow with blessing to the world, He made humanity in His image to respond back in overflowing expressions of blessing. 

We strive to passionately embrace uninhibited worship and to see a community of people connected to Jesus and one another in a growing expression of authentic worship. God calls us to "Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness; tremble before him, all the earth…worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.” (Psalm 96:9, Psalm 100:2) 

We believe that worship is not solely about music, so we strive to see a holistic embrace of other arts such as painting, sculpture, drama, lighting, and rich imagery in our gatherings. However, because music is an important part of glorifying God, we understand that it is not about a style of music, but about embracing many different cultures, histories, and types of music and bringing them to life to glorify God and inspire people.

Therefore, we believe that worship is just not confined to a service time or only happens at a certain place. Worship is a way of life; a moment-by-moment living to honor Christ in response to the work that He has done and is doing in our hearts. Responding to God and worshiping Him through earthly and spiritual pathways such as music, prayers, serving, giving, art, helping a needy person, and being kind to the cashier at Wal-Mart are just a few of the ways that worship can represent itself here on earth as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1).


Jesus said: “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17) 

We believe in the power of prayer and that at the foundation of who we are and will become is our hearts being one with each other and the Father. Prayer is simply the spiritual practice of conversing with God, and involves both speaking to God and listening for His response. Central’s prayer ministry supports both these vital aspects of prayer as we bring our joys and needs to Him. 

We encourage you to find time daily to seek God in prayer at one of our scheduled times at Central throughout the week or while you are driving in your car, eating breakfast, or just taking a coffee break. 

Corporate Prayer Times (in the prayer room):

Sunday // 8:30am – 9am
Monday // 9am
Wednesday // 6pm
Saturday // 6am – 7am

Discipleship groups meet at Tulsa Central Church, in homes, or wherever is most convenient. They are typically gatherings of 8-20 people that meet usually on a weekly basis to build friendships, discuss the Bible and faith, pray, and serve together. Within small groups we hope you will find support, friendship, and encouragement. 

The Three C's
We believe that the best small groups live out three key patterns:

Connecting to one another – building relationships
Changing to become more like Jesus Christ – growing in our faith
Cultivating a heart for others – serving others and sharing our faith 

Regardless of where you are in life’s journey, we have a lot of options where you can plug in and find encouragement, friendship and support and learn more about faith and God. For more information about how to get involved, please contact the Central office at 918.252.5483.

For a list of our classes and groups and where they meet as well as descriptions, click here.